Adventure For A Lifetime

Aspen Lakes is a new kind of private resort experience, with a first-of-its-kind
Founding Family Membership.

Aspen Lakes Amenities

Around Sisters, Oregon

Conveniently located minutes from Aspen Lakes, the Redmond Municipal Airport offers nonstop passenger flights and Sisters Eagle Airport welcomes private aircrafts, to plan your travels with ease.
Skiing & Snowboarding
Oregon is known for it’s beautiful snow-capped mountains, perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors. This makes Central Oregon home to some of the finest world-class snowboarding, downhill and cross-country skiing, with plenty of adventure for the whole family.
Rock Climbing
Rock climbers from around the world come and attempt to scale Smith Rock, a State Park about a half hour’s drive from Sisters. Boulder climbers have their annual event here with no finer climbing opportunities in all the world!
Water Sports
White water rafting, paddle boarding and water skiing are just a few opportunities among the vast lake and river activities available in this outdoor oasis. Whether you’re searching for group fun or an exciting means of exercise, there is an endless expanse of natural entertainment for the outdoorsy.
Hunting & Fishing
Looking for more peace and serenity on your luxurious vacation? Look no further! This is a fisherman’s paradise for salmon, steelhead, trout, and bass…just to name a few! Big and small game hunting is another passionate draw for this sportsman’s dream.